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The Italian Job (1969)
Chosen by our General Manager, is this quintessentially British classic from 1969...
  • PG
  • PG
  • Director: Peter Collinson
    Starring: Michael Caine, Noel Coward, Benny Hill, Irene Handl
    Running time: 1h 54 mins (full programme, including ads and trailers)

    This hugely enjoyable comedy caper about a group of ex-cons has earned iconic status. Charlie (Michael Caine) has a "job" to do. Having just left prison, he finds one of his friends has attempted a high risk job in Italy right under the nose of the Mafia. Charlie's friend doesn't get very far, so Charlie takes over the "job". Using three Mini Coopers, a couple of Jaguars, and a bus, he hopes to bring Turin to a standstill, steal the gold, and escape.