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Hope Gap
An intimate, moving family drama set in the idyllic British seaside town, Seaford, and adapted from a play, The Retreat from Moscow…
  • 12A
  • 12A
  • Director: William Nicholson
    Starring: Annette Bening, Bill Nighy, Josh O’Connor
    Running time: 1h 56 mins (the full programme inclusive of ads and trailers)

    Oscar-nominated screenwriter William Nicholson delivers a dramatic portrait of a crumbling marriage.

    Out of the blue, Edward (Bill Nighy) announces that he is leaving Grace (Annette Bening) for another woman, just days before their 29th wedding anniversary. And just as Grace struggles with her own devastation, she is now the only support for their adult son Jamie (Josh O’Connor) as he navigates his emotions and confronts how his parents have affected his ability to maintain meaningful relationships. Despite feeling displaced in her small seaside town, Grace ultimately regains her footing and discovers a new, powerful voice.