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The Royal Opera House Live 19/20: Swan Lake (Ballet)
The Royal Opera House Live 19/20: Swan Lake (Ballet)
The world's most-loved classical ballet
  • 180
  • Choreography: Cathy Marston, Liam Scarlett 
    Music: Philip Feeney 
    Approx running time: 2 hours 30 minutes

    Prince Siegfried chances upon a flock of swans while out hunting. When one of the swans turns into a beautiful woman, Odette, he is enraptured. But she is under a spell that holds her captive, allowing her to regain her human form only at night.

    Liam Scarlett’s glorious production of Swan Lake, new in 2018, returns for its first revival. While remaining faithful to the Marius Petipa/Lev Ivanov text, Scarlett’s additional choreography and John Macfarlane’s magnificent designs breathe new life into what is arguably the best-known and most-loved classical ballet. The entire Company shines in this eternal tale of doomed love, a masterpiece refreshed for a new generation.