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New Towns, Our Town (U)
New Towns, Our Town (U)
Bringing alive rare footage, that has been kept hidden for years in archive...
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  • Running time: 1h 17mins

    Part of Film Hub South East's New Towns, Our Towns - Stories on Screen, this film features glimpses of the original rural landscapes before they were transformed for anticipated arrivals escaping London's devastation by the Blitz and sheds light on the experiences of the Towns' early pioneers.

    The New Town movement is one of the South East’s most significantly shared of stories – how these new social utopias aimed to solve the post-war housing crisis. 

    As Welwyn Garden City celebrates its centenary year, we learn how the Garden City movement preceded the first New Towns Act in 1946. Welwyn Garden City was the second of these Garden Cities, before itself being designated a New Town in 1948.

    New Towns remain in the forefront of social and political debates. This documentary reflects on their legacy – the myths of the bleak architecture and endless roundabouts to the people and communities who call them home.