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Hip Hop-eration (No certificate required)
Hip Hop-eration (No certificate required)
Who said your grandmother couldn't be a hip-hop star?
We feel this film is not suitable for children 12 or under. 
  • 120
  • Director: Bryn Evans
    Stars: Billie Jordan, Maynie Thompson, Kara Nelson, Terri Woolmore
    Running time: 1 hour 33 mins

    An inspirational and multi award-winning documentary from New Zealand, this is a wonderfully heart-warming film that proves you're never too old to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

    These senior citizens may each be almost a century young, but for Kara, (94) Maynie, (95) and Terri, (93) the journey to Las Vegas and the World Hip Hop Dance Championships is just the beginning of a life's journey. Along with twenty-four other nonagenarians in the dance trope, they defy the odds and hip-hop their way into the hearts and minds of thousands of young fans from around the world.

    Led by their exuberant and ‘I must have been mad’, manager Billie Jordan they learn to throw away their wheelchairs and walking sticks and push their bodies and artificial joints to the absolute limits of old age. “You’re all going …even if it’s in an urn,” she tells them.