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Anne Frank: Parallel Stories (PG)
Anne Frank: Parallel Stories (PG)
“This is a story we must never forget, we are beginning to lose the generation of people who are living witness of what happened in Europe in those terrible days, and so it’s all the more important to keep the memory alive looking into the future.” - Helen Mirren
  • 125
  • pg
  • Director: Sabina Fedeli and Anna Migotto 
    Starring: Martina Gatti, Helen Mirren
    Running time: 1h 47mins (the full running time, inclusive of trailers)

    Commemorating what would have been Anne Frank’s 90th birthday, Oscar winning Helen Mirren tells the story of Anne’s life through the pages of her diary, a story, having sold over 30 million copies, has made the tragedy of the Holocaust known to readers, and students all over the world.

    This telling is intertwined with the stories of 5 Holocaust survivors who did survive the Holocaust but shared Anne’s same fate of deportation, suffering and were denied their childhood and adolescence, but were fortunately able to go on and live the life that Anne was denied. The film also follows a young girl, Martina, who guides the audience through some of the key places in Anne’s short life, as well as those of the survivors. She wants to know about the story of the Jewish teenager who became a symbol of the greatest tragedy to befall the 20th Century.