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£10 Gift Voucher
£10 Gift Voucher
So whether they are a cinema goer, theatre lover, a family with children, fans of roller skating and/or those who enjoy a bite to eat…it’s the voucher to have! It's a perfect way to say 'Thank You', 'Happy Birthday' or Merry Christmas'.
Gift voucher redeem value is £10.00
This voucher will expire 365 days after the purchase
Our vouchers can be used at any of our brands:
  • The Cinema
  • Soft Play City
  • Roller City
  • Humphrey's

Terms and Conditions:

  • Gift Vouchers can be purchased Online or at Campus West in Humphrey's by screen 2
  • They can only be redeemed against tickets, memberships or items purchased at Campus West
  • A Campus West Gift  Voucher expires one year from the date of purchase
  • You can combine Gift Vouchers with other payment methods (Cash, Credit or Debit cards, Cheques) to pay for events or sessions organised by Campus West
  • You can use as many Gift Vouchers as you have as payment to cover the cost of ticket(s) or item(s) you are ordering
  • If your Gift Voucher amount is higher than the cost of the ticket or item, the balance will be printed on a new voucher which you can use against future purchases at any Campus West Sales Point or Online until the value of the voucher is fully redeemed
  • Gift vouchers are non-refundable
  • Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash
  • You cannot use Gift Vouchers, discount offers or coupons to pay for Gift Vouchers. All such payments will be void
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen Gift Vouchers